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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ed and the Granny

No, it's not a new TV sitcom.

The Skeptic flags this little column about Granny D. When last seen (at least by us here at TLC), the Good Granny was explaining why the September 11th attacks occured - because of our failure to pass campaign finance reform.

"Our central question --the question that will determine the security of our cities in the future-- is this: can those American values be expressed by the American government? Can we be more a government of our people? Can we get the greedy, short-sighted interests out from between us and our elected representatives?...

[U]ntil we clean up our government, we will all be the targets of
rising international rage, and our children and grandchildren are not

So there you go. I guess that's just one more case in which McCain-Feingold failed - the war on terrorism goes on.

Anyway, Granny D, now 96 was in Wisconsin to tout more reform (Sort of an admission that McCain-Feingold didn't work), at something called "the People's Legislature," an oddity indeed since none of the "people" were elected, but merely self-appointed. Kind of like those old Communist "People's Republics," if I may be so bold. The organizer was Ed Garvey, a former Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor. Garvey had some interesting comments too:

No one gives you $1,000 just because they like you, Garvey pointed out. "Have you ever had anyone give you $1,000?" he asked.
"It's because they want something."

Poor Ed. I guess people don't like him as much as they like me. I've had people give me $1000 because they like me, and all they wanted in return was to help me be successful. These were called college scholarships. Some of these people I've never heard from again. Others stayed in touch, providing ongoing encouragement, without ever asking anything more than that I do my best.

Indeed, the same is true in campaign finance. The vast majority of donors, including $1000 donors, never ask for any favors. And oh, Ed - I've also given $1000 at a shot, to worthy causes, and never asked for anything more.

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