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Monday, January 23, 2006

A Tiny Milestone for a Tiny Blog

Shortly after 11:oo p.m. Sunday night the Lonely Centrist blog received its 2000th visitor - a hefty average of about 330 per month. Look out Markos Moulitsas and Glen Reynolds. Of course, it would help if I published more regularly - we get some decent numbers when I do. January looks to be our best month since August, back when I was diligent about posting. Thanks for that to a nice interview by Going to the Matt, and links this month from the Skeptic, Bob Bauer, and Rick Hasen.

Our audience may be small, but is a quality one - why, visitor 2000 was signing in from Harvard University, no less. Thanks to Rick Hasen's Election Law blog, whose link brought him here.

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