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Friday, January 20, 2006

Democrats! AARRRGH!

Gosh, the Democratic Party is frustrating these days. We so need a responsible alternative to the GOP.

And yet today, here come Hillary Clinton - until now one of the more sensible Democrats on national security - excoriating the Bush administration for "outsourcing" negotiations with Iran on it nuclear system. Of course, by that she means that the Administration deferred to our European allies and let the Europeans work the diplomatic front. Does anyone doubt that had Bush done otherwise, Hillary would be complaining that Bush was "going it alone." It is so hard to take the Democrats seriously when they keep taking such opportunistice stands.

Then, of course, there's Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. At one time, Reid was considered a moderate, but since becoming minority leader, he has been increasingly rigid and shrill. Today it was reported that he has told Democrats to avoid any bipartisan lobbying reform bill, so that the Democrats can simply use the "ethics" issue as a blunt club in the fall elections.

I wonder how many votes the Republicans get from people who would go over to the Democrats at the drop of a hat, if there was even a modicum of responsibility there.

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