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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Winning my vote

Here's an email I got earlier this week:
You are no more centrist than Bush is a uniter. The economy is doing great? What? Your an economist too?
Housing bubble bursting, crooked stock market, 800 billion dollar balance of payments, 400 billion deficit every
year...year after year. We will never recover from this once it starts the death sprial you retard. The repukes
have stolen our future you moron. They keep the economy floating on debt and are afraid to raise interest
rates because that will be the final push over the proverbial waterfall for the economy. But what makes
me smile about that is thinking about assholes like you who will no longer have a job or be able
to put repuke shit on the internet TUBES pretending to be a "centrist".

And none of that makes me quite as mad as our kids getting killed due to the breathtaking stupidity of
the chimp-in-chief. But I am only just less mad at my cowardly Dems for not jumping on his chimpy
little ass and voting against going into Iraq.

What a piece of crap you are you pretentious little shit.

The writer signs off as "Major USAF (retired)." Now there's an inspiring commander. Won my vote. Can you guess for whom?

This is from the first post I ever put up on this little blog:
Is there a middle ground in politics anymore? I don't mean a place where people stake out mushy moderate opinions. Rather, I mean a place where people engage in independent thinking, treat each other with courtesy, and debate the merits, rather than engage in ad hominem criticism and speculation about the motives of the speaker. ...

It is not, as I think readers will soon find out, that my opinions lack definition. It is, I think, more a tone of debate, a tone of good faith. Can it be restored to the blogosphere. I don't know, but I figured I may as well try. So I decided to start my own little blog, the Lonely Centrist, and here it is.

I don't think my correspondent read this post before writing. What do you think?

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