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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh, those Exit Polls!

Mark Blumenthal, formerly the Mystery Pollster and now, to my sadness, just a plain old Pollster, has an interesting post on exit polls. Blumenthal is a partisan Democrat who has done yeoman's work in trying to make other partisan Democrats understand that exit poll data from the 2004 election does not support the idea of some Republicans conspiracy to steal the election. In this post, the Pollster notes some data hidden in a recent Fox News/Opinion Dynamics survey that supports the notion - scoffed at by conspiracy theorists - that in fact Republicans are less likely to respond to exit pollsters than Democrats.

Definitely worth a read. Of course, the true believers will note that Fox News paid for this survey, and so they will see it as just another bit of evidence in the great cover up. Still, those of us in the reality based community - like Mr. Blumenthal and the Centerman - do what we can.

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