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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Reality Disconnect in the "Reality Based Community"

Many on the far left have taken to referring to themselves as "the reality-based community." But the fact is, it is the left that is increasingly disconnected from reality, at least on the war against terrorism and the threat that radical Muslims pose to the West. It is this disconnect, in my view, that keeps Republicans in power despite the very questionable decision to invade Iraq, a number of blunders in carrying out the occupation, and at home the inability to control government spending and a series of ethical scandals.

I don't feel like I have much original to add to discussing the war on terror, but the issue is so crucial, it is the issue of our time, and given the week's events I at least feel this need to relay good columns on.

Michael Barone has a good column on this cognitive dissonance that is afflicting so much of the Democratic Party. Great passage:
The mindset of the Left blogosphere is that there's no real terrorist
threat out there. We wouldn't have any serious problem if we'd just do something
different -- raise the minimum wage or reduce the number without health
insurance (the first issue Lamont mentioned on election night), withdraw from
Iraq or (as some Left bloggers suggest) sell out Israel.

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