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Friday, July 28, 2006

Metaphor Meltdown and Democratic Divisiveness

I commented a bit substantively on the renewal of the Voting Rights Act here. (See also this post from last summer). I can't help but make a few other comments on yesterday's signing.

First were some tortured comments from Rep. David Scott (D-GA.). According to Cox News, President Bush promised to "vigorously enforce" the Act and defend it in court. Scott then commented to reporters:
George Bush laid the gauntlet down. We will hold his feet accountable
to it.

Huh? Hold his feet accountable? To the gauntlet? But Scott wasn't finished. He continued,

"We're not out of the woods... The Voting Rights Act is a liberator of

A "liberator of punishment?" He means the voting rights act frees up states to punish people? What?

Meanwhile, Howard Dean, the disgraceful Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who has recently been seen comparing a Republican to Stalin while calling the President "divisive," chose the moment to criticize Republicans for their "assault on voting rights." Good timing, Howard. That'll bring us together.

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