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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Who Cares About Valerie Plame?

So, Valerie Plame has an advance of $2.5 million dollars for her memoirs.

Why would anyone want to read it? Valerie Plame is a name because her name was leaked as the person who suggested sending her husband, Joe Wilson, on a diplomatic/intelligence mission. But has there been, at any point, anything to suggest that her story is particularly interesting? More so than that of hundreds of other CIA operatives?

Well, for those of you who are interested, here is the sneak summary:

Chapter 1: I was really important at the CIA. Most every acheivement there was due to me.

Chapter 2: I had nothing to do with any faulty intelligence leading up to Iraq. Watch me heroically fight the Bush Administration's efforts.

Chapter 3: I suggest my husband for a job, because he's the best man available.

Chapter 4: Joe proves there was no sponge cake - I mean, yellow cake - in Niger.

Chapter 5: Evil Bush people try to set me up to be killed., especially Karl Rove. Did you know he has hoofed feet! Really! That's why you never see pictures of him without shoes on. And Robert Novak's a bad guy, too.

Chapter 6: The persecution of me of Joe by Dick Cheney and other evil Bushies.

Chapter 7: I worry about America's future under Republicans. Pretty soon, we'll be a dictatorship!

There, just saved you $22.95.

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