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Saturday, January 28, 2006

"Clean Elections" and the Will of Voters

The Supreme Court of Arizona has upheld the removal from office of David Burnell Smith. Smith's crime? He spent $6000 more than allowed in his primary campaign last year. Smith won election in 2004 in a breeze, topping his primary opponent by nearly a 3-2 margin, then winning in the general election by a margin of better than 3 to 2. (see p. 14). So now a state representative, elected in a landslide, is going to be removed from office for spending $6000 over the state's arbitrary limit. This is democracy? This is returning power to the people?

If I were an Arizona voter, I would be furious. But then again, it serves them right for voting in the so called "clean elections" system. And it serves Smith right for taking the money.

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