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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Maybe There is a Conspiracy

I've pooh-poohed the idea that there was any type of conspiracy in Ohio last fall to deny John Kerry the state. But Kevin Baxter, Erie County prosecutor, has brought in indictments against two Cuyahoga County election workers. See story here, blog coverage here. Baxter is a Democrat, it may be worth noting, but he's also been elected the Chairman of the Ohio Prosecutors Association, suggesting that he is respected by his peers, and he's won some pretty impressive victories over the likes of Ira Kunstler and Barry Scheck over the years. We might also note that Baxter is serving as a special prosecutor (which is why he's looking into things outside his county). On the other hand, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Director Michael Vu is a Democrat, so it seems unlikely he was trying to help Bush.

I still doubt that there is much here (the charge is that two workers failed to follow Ohio statutes on recounts, in order to make it less likely that the entire county would need to be recounted by hand), but it's perhaps worth a look.

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