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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Could this mean War?!!

The Pope's comments and further explanation may lead to war, according to at least one Arab editorialist. Me wonders what this fellow thinks has been occuring the last [circle your choice: 5 20 50 1400] years.

Am I out of line, or do most Americans react as I do: where are all these outraged editorials when Muslim terrorists, in the name of Islam, kill innocents? It seems the only time the Muslims get worked up is when they feel some slight - however trivial - against Islam, or when someone suggest that Islam is not a "religion of peace." Isn't much of the point the inability of so many Muslims to, well, get a grip? To calm down? To try - to make just a little effort - to understand others? To react with some degree of proportionality?

On that last point, it's grimly humorous that, seemingly as if to prove only that the Pope did not go far enough, many advocates of the Religion of Peace responded by physically attacking Christian Churches. Included in their attacks were a Greek Orthodox and an Anglican Church. Not that it really matters, but neither church reports to the Pope.

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