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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank God We're Not Like Talk Radio

A group called "Fired Up" has asked the Federal Election Commission for an advisory opinion, as to whether it is entitled to the press exemption for its activities on the internet.

The "reform" lobby has been pretty circumspect about the internet, claiming to want to regulate it, and to not want to regulate it, depending on the audience. (See this testimony in Congress from former FEC Chairman Brad Smith. See also this letter from John McCain, opposing an internet exemption - click on the link for the adobe file- and compare it to this report from Powerline, in which McCain calls for no regulation of the internet.). Finally, faced with an actual case, they have to start laying cards on the table. They've concluded that Fired Up should not get the exemption that the rest of the press gets from campaign finance laws because it has "purely partisan goals" and because "its self-avowed purpose is to elect Democrats."

Unlike, say, Rush Limbaugh and Al Franken.

The Comments and the request can be found here. Thanks to Skeptic's Eye for flagging the comments.

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