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Monday, August 01, 2005

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right...

Here's a fine little column by the Charleston Gazette's Susanna Rodell, linked through the Duluth News Tribune. Susanna's a pretty liberal Democrat (at least she proclaims herself such), but even she is fed up with the party's non-stop, hysterical rhetoric these days.

Here in West Virginia as in a lot of other states, I keep running into people who used to be Democrats....

The whackos and their interest groups send me snide e-mails ridiculing everything Bush in language that I find offensive. They preach exclusively to the choir. I am in that choir, but more and more I find myself skulking out the side door in the middle of the sermon.

The Democrats need to get ahold of themselves, get their rhetoric back to earth, and start offering serious alternatives to the Republicans.

Free tip to Howard Dean: "Bush Lied, People Died," and
Karl Rove must go" won't get the job done.

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