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Monday, July 18, 2005

Officer, I'd Like to Report Some Illegal Activity at This Very WebSite.

Courtesy of Ryan Sager, we learn that the anti-tax folks in Washington State, having been victimized by the shameless desire their political opponents to silence them and a horrible decision by a local judge, are striking back - and having fun at it. They've complied with the judge's order that they list media support as "campaign contributions" by listing every media organization that has mentioned the campaign.

I started this post with the intent to note that, of course, all of us who have commented on-line (and you know who you are Skeptic, Tapscott, Democracy-Project, Cap'n Ed, Sharkansky, and others) may also have also made undisclosed (and therefore illegal?) contributions, but it looks like Ryan caught that himself, down at the bottom of the post, where he even includes a little disclaimer. Anyway, if you want to turn yourself in, go here.

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